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Presenting Cultural Folk Tales with a modern twist.
Our hand puppets performed in a large portable puppet tent
are sure to bring a smile.
The shows engage and include the audience in many ways.
As a result, no two shows are ever quite the same.

No human art is older than the art of storytelling. Before primitive peoples could write or read, they used to tell tales one to another, and from the mists of antiquity there have come vast numbers of traditional takes which express the instinctive feelings of immature tribes and races in a kind of story philosophy. The tales were told mainly to amuse, but they contain the key to the ideas and powers of thought, the customs and beliefs, of the primitive mind.
Puppet Artist

Birthday Party Puppet Workshop

Artist dressed in Jester costume provides materials for kids to make simple paper plate and sack puppets which they will take home.

I coach the children and have them perform puppet plays in a simple puppet theatre, also provided.

What: Puppet Theatre Workshop
Birthday Party
How Many: Up to 15 children*
Duration: 60 – 120 min
Price: $150

*Within a 25 mile radius of Bellingham WA. More kids & miles gladly negotiated.

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