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Bonzo the Clown Entertains!

Bonzo is a Character Clown in the Renaissance Jester Style, such as you might find in King Arthur’s Court. He wears handmade shoes and hat with crazy costuming. There is No Face Makeup, so works well with young children and those with a fear of clowns.

  • Bonzo is very visual, can be enjoyed across language and audio barriers.
  • Lots of audience participation, engaging, rowdy, laugh out loud Fun!!!!!
  • Carries suitcase full of Clown Gags, Tricks, Bubbles, and Balloons.
  • Versatile, Full Festival Stage shows to Roving, one on one.
  • Balloon Sculpting, Live Music, and Face Painting also available.

Birthday Party Options

  • Birthday Clown at your home, pizza parlor, park or wherever your party is located. We come to you!!!!!
  • Engaging Jester style Clown with handmade shoes and hat and no make-up. Works well especially with younger kids.
  • Shows up with Suitcase full of Clown Gags, Tricks, Bubbles, Balloons and a Harmonica.
  • Performs audience participatory clown act and finishes with balloon animals for each child.
  • Act is very visual and can entertain kids with hearing disabilities and also transcends language barriers.


Will travel up to a 25 mile radius* from Bellingham, WA.

ActNo. of childrenDurationPriceClown + Puppet ShowUp to 15*60 min$125

Clown Up to 15* 45 min $75

*More kids and miles gladly negotiated.

Puppet Theatre needs a 4’x 8′ footprint, about the size of a piece of plywood on the floor.

Usually perform “The Three Little Pigs” – engaging the audience to help tell the story, No two shows are ever quite the same!

Starts with the Clown Antics followed by the Puppet Show and finishing with Balloon Animals.

For more information see the Puppetry page.

Birthday Clown

Available for

  • Festivals and Fairs
  • School Assemblies
  • Corporate Functions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Classes and Workshops
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BONZO the CLOWN is a great warm-up act for the Puppet Show

or can stand alone!

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